WTZ e.V.

Association for the promotion of scientific-technical cooperation in the raw materials sector


About us


To meet the challenges of climate change and to advance the urgently needed decarbonization of all economic sectors, a comprehensive transformation of the energy and raw materials economy is necessary. Cooperation in solving scientific-technical problems is a decisive driving force for the successful and rapid reduction of greenhouse gases and for the sustainable development of circular economy value chains to conserve global resources and to preserve raw materials already in the cycle over as long a life cycle as possible. International cooperation with a constant transfer of technical knowledge is also an essential approach in this context.

This is where the work of WTZ e.V. comes in: The association aims to accompany the ongoing transformation of the energy and raw materials industry toward sustainable and climate-friendly value chains by networking national and international players from science and industry and providing impetus for the further development of climate-neutral energy systems, circular economy value chains and the avoidance of climate-damaging emissions. In this way, a platform is to be provided for new technological developments, but also research needs are to be identified which, in their further development, can contribute to a sustainable and resource-conserving transformation of the economy.

Mode of operation and objectives

WTZ e.V. is the initiator of national and international dialog formats for technical and scientific experts and offers the participants of its events a well-founded exchange platform. It organizes events in the form of round tables, workshops and conferences dedicated to the possible design and implementation of climate-friendly and sustainable systems in the energy and raw materials industry. In doing so, it cooperates with various scientific institutions on a national and international level, but also incorporates the practical experience of stakeholders from industry.

Within the events, current technology developments and hurdles in their establishment are discussed. In addition, approaches for the further development of technology maturity levels are elicited, as well as the potentials of an international knowledge transfer and cooperative points of contact. Together, relevant research needs are defined, hurdles are identified, and emerging issues are addressed at an early stage. The findings are made available to the public in the form of scientific publications.

Subject areas

WTZ e.V. focuses on addressing scientific-technical topics of innovative nature within the following three areas: Climate-friendly energy systems, establishment of circular economy value chains, risk areas and avoidance of climate-damaging emissions.

In the area of climate-friendly energy systems, WTZ e.V. aims, for example, to contribute to the circular economy design of biogas and biomethane production. Open scientific-technical questions of the hydrogen economy in the national and international context are also of special importance in this topic area.

In the area of building circular economy value chains, WTZ e.V. takes up the opportunities of the circular economy with the longest possible use of products and raw materials, not only to relieve the environment and nature, but also to contribute to the achievement of national climate goals. For example, technological challenges and opportunities of the CO2 value chain are comprehensively considered or niche topics such as protein production from methane are elaborated.

The evaluation of risk areas as well as the avoidance of climate-damaging emissions, which represent the third field of activity of WTZ e.V., include, for example, the examination of gas hydrates in permafrost regions or the technical possibilities for the reduction of methane emissions.


Verein zur Förderung der wissenschaftlich-technischen
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